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Last night I watched the series finale of Being Human and I was surprised and happy that the ending was happy; the four main characters got happy endings.  The reason I was surprised is because it seems that today on TV shows, the thing is the sadder, the more tragic the ending, the more “real” or “dramatic” or “shocking” the show is. 

For me, killing off favorite characters on TV shows seems very banal.  Once it was shocking, like when it happened on the show 24 but now it’s almost boring, not really shocking, more like sad an annoying. 

Both Boardwalk Empire and Person of Interest killed off two characters that really didn’t need to be killed off.  They could have been written out a hundred different ways; but to me, the writers took the easy way out.

Now, I don’t feel this way about Game of Thrones; that is a violent, brutal world and if characters weren’t killed off, there would be about 18838383883 main characters in that show, and that would be hard to navigate; plus in that world, people can’t just go quietly in the night like they can in the modern world. 

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I want so much to hate this. And I kind of do, but it makes sense for where Alana is and dammit, it’s sexy.

I can haz all the ships.

I think when Alana finds out what Hannibal really is she’ll join a convent or something.  

So if Hannibal was Alana’s teacher, that means she was always hot for teacher huh?

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